Booking European Escorts In London

Men who enjoy the company of London escorts often come with a fetish or two. That is not a bad thing and I don’t have a problem dating any man who has a fetish. As a matter of fact, as a London escort, you come across all sorts of different fetishes. But,, I never thought that I would come across a man who had a fetish for German London escorts. Anyway, that is very much what happened and that is how I became one of the most popular girls at our London escorts agency.

While I am not really German, I do have a first name that sounds very German. My grandpa was in fact Austrian so we have ended up with a lot of German sounding names in our family. My middle name is Helga and that is the name I use as my artistic name at London escorts. This guy clearly hoped that I was German when he first made contact with me at London escorts.

Do I speak German? Well, I do speak a little bit of German thanks to my grandpa. But more than anything, I know how to copy the accent. That is what I have made the most out of at London escorts. If I know that a gent really would like to date a German girl, I simply put on my German accent and go for it. So far, things have worked out for me and I have become one of the most popular girls at our cheap London escorts agency.

Not only do I make the most out of my German accent, but I also like to make sure that I look the part. I have dyed my hair super blonde and I have bought a couple of what I like to call German inspired outfits. I have even put up some photos of me wearing my German outfits on our London escorts agency website. Apparently a lot men like to look at my photos and are turned on by my German images.

So, where I am going with all of this? Well, first of all, you never know what fetishes that you are going to come across when you work for a London escorts agency. Number two, to make it big and become a popular escort in London, you really do need to find your own niche. It seems that the gents like my version of Helga and Helga is rapidly making a name for herself in the London escorts industry.

If you work for a London escorts agency, or is thinking about joining an escort agency in London, you should try to find your own niche. There are all sorts of ideas out there. Use the Internet, do some research and try to come up with something which is unique to you. A good idea would be to do research on fetish sites and figure out what fetishes men are into. If I were you, I would not go for one of the most common fetishes. Lots of girls are into those. Instead go for something a little bit more unusual – we can’t all be Helgas.

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