Charlotte Escorts That Have Kids

A growing number of women with kids in Charlotte are operating as high-end escorts. Many would say this is an unorthodox way to raise kids and make ends meets – but it’s working for them.

By escorting, many of these charlotte action escorts have been able to give their kids something they couldn’t afford before – and that is, their time.
One good thing with working as an escort is that you only get to work about two or three evenings a week – that’s it. That leaves you with plenty of time to take care of your kids and pal up with them.

Here’s a story of Samantha X, a Charlotte Action escort with two kids. Before becoming an escort, Samantha worked as a journalist for 15 years. It’s then that she met the father of her two kids. They’d be married shortly after meeting, and everything felt great.
Samantha is very ambitious by every definition of the word. She held three jobs – one as an editor for a magazine, another one as a beauty director, and the third one as a freelance producer for a local TV. The pay wasn’t great, despite the job taking much of her time. It nearly drove her insane. It gets worse because things didn’t work out with her husband. Their five-years of marriage would come crumbling down, forcing them to split. They agreed on 50-50 custody of their kids.
Mind you, Samantha had no support of any kind, no family – and on top of it, all had to juggle an intense work schedule and to raise two kids.

Things were really tough on her. She became the guilt-stricken mum who would drop her kids off to school really late, just as they were about to open the gate –and with no one to pick them up after school. She also became the harassed employee who always submitted her work late. Plus, most of her work submissions were subpar.

She wasn’t doing a great job at work or raising her kids. Dating also proved to be quite difficult for her. The men she met only wanted one thing from her, sex. The moment they got it, they’ll disappear, never to contact her again.
It’s then that she figured out that she could become a high-end escort. Yep, she decided if some man wants to spend a few hundred to be with her for an hour or so, she was damn well down for it.

And that her is how life as an escort began.

There are similar stories many escorts with kids in Charlotte share – and if there’s one thing you’d agree on is that their newfound career is making them better parents.

Their kids are getting the best of them — they have more disposable income, more time to be around their kids, and don’t have to worry about coming home exhausted and ratty.

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